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David's Star Ev. Lutheran School
2740 David's Star Drive
Jackson, WI  53037
Phone: 262-677-2412
Fax: 262-677-8960
Email: school@davidsstar.org
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David's Star Ev. Lutheran Church maintains a Christian day school for a specific purpose, that of assisting the parents in the Christian education of their children. Our system of Christian education accepts the Bible as the only source and basis of faith, so that all our thinking flows from, and is in harmony with, Biblical truth. The individual, therefore, recognizes God as his Creator, Redeemer, and Sanctifier. This gracious love of God prompts the Christian to show love in return by leading a God-pleasing and exemplary life in thought, word, and deed.  This sanctifying and preserving influence of God's Holy Word daily trains our children spiritually, mentally, socially,and physically.

School’s Mission Statement

David’s Star Lutheran School carries out its Christian ministry to children and their families guided by assisting parents in the Christian education of their children so that they become life-long disciples of Jesus Christ and a witness to the world of His truth as revealed in the Holy Scriptures.

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